Communication Process


"Your communication was accurate and timely. Our experience with the Vanneste Group has changed our perception of Realtor's greatly, and we have a new found level of respect for the profession!" - Jeremy and Sara

"Everyone at the Vanneste Group was there for us, we felt like part of a team because we were kept informed. The constant communication was very helpful and reassuring" - Kasey and Meghan Weeks

"We felt the Vanneste Group communicated very well! They worked very hard to get us showings, and we actually felt cared for." - Jill and Andy Begalle

"The Vanneste Group did a very good job of marketing and communication. David does an extraordinary job of listening to clients, and was the "voice of reason" during negotiation process". - Sara Lee and Gary Evers

"It is your team, all covering different facets of the process that gives cli-ents complete service. David was able to address the things he does best, and had confidence in the other team members to do their jobs well too. It was much easier this time!" - Kathleen Olson

Because good communication between the property owner and our sales team, is one of the most important areas contributing to seller satisfaction, we are committed to staying "in-touch" with our sellers. On a periodic basis we will inform you of your market activity, and because we are a "team" of professionals with one goal in mind to get your home sold you will always have